Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I hear the grinding of gears coming closer

So, I have gone and joined the army.

The Angry Robot Army, that is.

You see by the banner to your right that I am now their puppet.

Angry Robot is a new UK based imprint from HarperCollins, which, coincidentally enough, is a UK based publisher. Launching in July 2009, they publish modern adult science fiction, fantasy and other such genre favorites. To find out a little bit more about them, head on over to their website and click around the neighborhood.

I've only read one of their authors, Chris Roberson (linked in the authors section, again to your right and down a bit). If the rest are half as entertaining as I find him, then this venture should be pretty entertaining.

As for what I do now that I have been recruited, not really sure yet. You'll see some Angry Robot related posts, certainly. Maybe I'll do some investigating into the other authors and run a profile (that sounds like fun). But for now, go forth and learn about our new masters. I'm pretty sure they are benevolent.

As long as you buy their books, that is.