Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New glasses

So, after many years of not seeing an eye doctor, my primary care physician told me to go.

And I did.

And now I have spanking new glasses, shown here:

My eyes were not that bad all things considered. One eye is nearsighted, the other farsighted (they even out, see?), and I have astigmatism. The lenses make the world clearer, thus making the reading and driving I was advised to use them for a bit more focused--one hopes on multiple levels.

I wore glasses briefly as a young teen, but either wasn't given much choice, or there wasn't much choice as the frames I had were large and heavy despite being rather thin (no, they weren't Buddy Holly frames, but they did have presence and they were a pale gold color). I didn't wear them long, at the time I didn't feel I was getting any benefit from them and they quietly went away.

I do see an immediate improvement with these, however, but I do hope the slightly wonky feeling my eyes have right now is just a matter of adjusting to the new element. The only real drawback to my chosen frames is something I discovered while typing this entry. The shape doesn't allow for easy checking of the keyboard as I type. If my glasses are up high on the bridge of my nose for better viewing of the screen, I find myself looking under the bottom rims when I glance down at the keyboard. I'm one of those in between typists--I don't hunt and peck, I use more than my index fingers--but I can't fly across the keyboard with my eyes on the screen and hope to get anything legible out of it.

I'm sure a solution will be found, or I'll get used to quickly adjusting their position. Or, I'll become some sort of mutant head contortionist and bend my neck in all sorts of directions to obtain the perfect keyboard view. In the meantime, I've bored you enough with my tales of clear vision and posable body parts.

Goodnight all.

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