Friday, January 8, 2010

25x52: WFUV

From the WFUV’s Info Page:

“WFUV is a non-commercial, listener-supported public radio station, licensed to Fordham University for 60 years. Serving nearly 350,000 listeners each week in the New York area and thousands more worldwide on the web, and a leader in contemporary music radio, WFUV offers an eclectic mix of rock, singer-songwriters, blues, world and other music, plus headlines from National Public Radio, local news and sports and Metro Traffic.”

Organization Homepage:

Why I Chose WFUV:
To be honest, my betrothed is the real fan here. This is her station when she’s on the road with the radio on. Like the their info page says it’s an eclectic mix of music and programming and one worthy of continuing.

This is actually my second donation to the station. Last year my 23 year old car finally crapped out beyond the point where it was worth fixing (I had only had it for a couple of those 23 years). Rather than just junk it, Catherine suggested I donate it to WFUV, which I did. The process went smoothly except for the tow truck driver getting caught in traffic on the way to our house from NYC so he was a little later than anticipated. I don’t recall how much they got for the car, but I don’t think it wasn’t enough to qualify me for a tax deduction (and even if it was, I’m bad at that kind of thing, so I doubt I would have).

Donation Page:

My Donation Receipt:

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